The Rebound

The Rebound: A Deep Dive into ASCM’s 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report

On this episode of the Rebound, Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock walk through ASCM’s 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report, job satisfaction and the importance of certifications and executive education to advancing your career. Their conclusion is that it’s never been a better time to be working in the supply chain industry.  

If you are interested in downloading ASCM's 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report, please visit here.

The Rebound: It’s Good to Be a CSCO

According to Kevin Burns, a partner with ON Partners, there’s never been a better time to be a supply chain leader. Companies large and small are recruiting and paying aggressively to get the talent they need to meet today’s challenges and take their supply chains into the future.

On this episode of the Rebound, Abe Eshkenazi  and Bob Trebilcock host Kevin Burns, who lays out the recruiting landscape as well as the skills he believes will be required of tomorrow’s leaders.


The Rebound: Let Your Excess Inventory Advance Your ESG Goals

Listen in as EALgreen president and CEO, Claudia Freed, discusses how leading organizations can use produce philanthropy to advance their ESG goals and educate tomorrow’s business leaders.

The Rebound: Speaking Up for Diversity and Inclusion in the Supply Chain

If it seems to you as if Corporate Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusion are top of mind to supply chain leaders, you’d be right. In the war for talent, every organization in ever industry is realizing that in the war for talent, tomorrow’s leaders may not be found in the usual places. What’s more, today’s leaders are discovering that diversity and inclusion, however that is defined, leads to stronger teams and better outcomes. Great ideas can come from almost anyplace if you’re open to listening.     

On this episode of the Rebound, Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock host Katie Fowler and Pamela Dow. Both are ASCM board members as well as experienced supply chain leaders. They talk about their experiences rising through the ranks in supply chain, the importance of finding your voice and why Diversity and Inclusion matter more than ever.

The Rebound: Robomart Reinvents Retail

Some startups look to take steps and time out of existing processes. Others look for ways to turn an existing concept or business model upside down and do it differently than it’s done before.

That’s the idea behind Robomart, a concept that combines the retail store experience with the on-demand hailing concept behind Uber and Lyft. Except that rather than ordering up a ride on your phone, the customer is ordering up a retail store that comes to their door, on-demand.

On this episode of the Rebound, Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock host Ali Ahmed, one of the co-founders and CEO of Robomart, to discuss store hailing, a new take on retail, as well as the potential supply chain implications behind the concept.  


The Rebound: Reinventing Last Mile Delivery

If you’re thinking that there’s got to be a better way to make deliveries without all of the congestion, you’re not alone. That’s the idea behind URB-E, a startup doing last mile delivery in urban neighborhoods utilizing e-bikes and carts.

It’s a efficient, and green, according to URB-E’s CEO Charles Jolley. On this episode of The Rebound, he joins Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock to discuss a new take on last mile delivery, and where it might go next.

The Rebound: A Simple Guide to ESG in the Supply Chain

On this episode of the Rebound, Alan Amling, a distinguished fellow at the University of Tennessee, and Simon Knowles, chief marketing officer for SGS-Maine Pointe, join hosts Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of ASCM, and Bob Trebilcock, Editorial Director of SCMR, to discuss their research into supply chain’s role in ESG. They also detail where an organization should look to identify areas in their supply chain that can make a difference, and how to start.   


The Rebound: The 10 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2022

On this episode of the Rebound, hosts Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock invited two experienced supply chain leaders to discuss the top ten trends.

Listen in as Amy Augustine, senior director of network supply chain at U.S. Cellular, and Adam James, vice president for North America surface transportation at CH Robinson, share their thoughts on the list as well as examples of how their organizations are coping with the supply chain challenges and opportunities confronting their organizations.

For more information about The 10 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2022, please visit


The Rebound: How Party City Is Creating The Digital Store of The Future

A category leader, Party City is turning to technology to transform its supply chain and enhance the customer experience.

In this episode of The Rebound ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi and SCMR Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock are hosting David Levitt, Vice President of Information Technology for Party City, and discuss the trends and technologies transforming the retail supply chain. 

The Rebound: Say Goodbye to 2021

On the last podcast of the year, hosts Abe Eshkenazi and Bob Trebilcock discuss the trends that shaped the last year in supply chain. It was better than you think.

For this last episode, hosts Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of the Association for Supply Chain Management, and Bob Trebilcock, editorial director of Supply Chain Management Review, discuss some of the supply chain trends identified by ASCM members as the most impactful today and in the future, including advanced analytics and automation, the talent shortage, visibility, agility and the customer-centric supply chain.


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